Carpet Cleaning Services

carpet cleaning We inspect and analyze your home or work environment before we begin our work. We check you carpet, furniture and hard surface flooring for dirt, dust and allergens, which accumulates on these places on a daily basis.

Our professionally trained carpet-cleaning technicians use a deep-cleaning treatment and a specially heated carpet-cleaning solution, which is sprayed deep into the carpet to give it a thorough clean. A high-powered extraction rinse is then used to remove the dirt and the cleaning solution to leave your carpet as clean as it can be.

carpet cleaning We are able to apply a professional-strength protectant to your carpet that will help protect against both oil and water based stains. Our professional-strength protectant also helps spills “blot up” easier and helps carpet fibers resist soiling. We also offer protection for your furniture and partitions.

Auto / RV / Aircraft Cleaning

Goldman Carpet Care and Restoration has the ability to professionally clean all of your auto, rv and aircraft carpeting. We use specifically designed static free cleaners to ensure the quality of the work on these special areas detailing to fit your individual needs.

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